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Ac gapless metal oxide composite arrester

TLJS-1 type overvoltage discharge counter

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TLJS-1 type overvoltage discharge counter is suitable for matching zinc oxide arrester with voltage level of 330KV and below, and can be installed in multiple directions with mounting brackets。Especially suitable for use with lightning arrester with air gap as overvoltage lightning protection device。The environmental conditions used are the same as those of the connected arresters。In the structure, die-cast aluminum alloy is cast in one piece, and electronic components are jammed and sealed by polytetrafluoroplastic pads.One end of the counter thread is connected to the arrester, and the other end is connected to the device architecture as a ground wire。Therefore, it has the advantages of easy installation, high sensitivity, accurate counting, clear display, lightweight structure, beautiful appearance, reliable sealing and so on。
  1. Use environment:
  1.Suitable for indoors or outdoors。
  2.Ambient temperature -40 ° C to +40 ° C。
  3.The rated frequency of the power grid is 50HZ or 60HZ。
                                    Installation sketch
              1 Arrester cable 2 Zinc oxide arrester body 
              3 TLJS-1 type overvoltage counter 4 line post insulator
 Ii. Structure:
  The discharge counter is mainly composed of valve plate, silicon bridge rectifier, capacitor, electromagnetic counter and other components。It uses the energy through the arrester, takes pressure on the valve plate, passes the silicon bridge rectifier, charges the capacitor unidirectional, and discharges the electromagnetic counter coil with DC to make the counter suction once, that is, records once, to achieve the number of recorded actions。
  Iii. Maintenance and operation:
  1.When the glass on the observation hole of the discharge counter has dust affecting the observation, the dust can be wiped with cloth or paper。There can be no small beads of water in the glass, if a large number of beads are found, indicating that the sealing of the discharge counter has been damaged, should be sent to the manufacturer to replace or repair, please do not repair yourself。
  2.Before the discharge counter is put into operation and after 1-2 years of operation, a simple test should be carried out on site to check whether the discharge counter can work normally。

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