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Outdoor high voltage AC isolation switch

HGW9-12G(W) Outdoor high voltage AC isolation switch

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Product Overview:
   HGW9-12G(W) type outdoor AC high voltage isolation switch is outdoor single-phase high voltage electrical equipment。The product has ordinary type, anti-pollution type, new type, silicone rubber pillar type, suitable for 15kV voltage below the three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz power system, in the voltage and no load under the condition of the circuit。
Main technical parameters:
Brief introduction of structure:
  The isolation switch is composed of a bottom frame (including a hot-dip galvanized chassis or a stainless steel chassis), a porcelain insulator or a silicone rubber insulator and a conductive part. The upper end of the knife is provided with a fixed redraw hook and a self-pin device for the insulating operating rod to be used for opening and closing。(with stainless steel screws, springs)。

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